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Below are our packages and their additional services customize for your specific requirements. 

Hong Kong Accounting and Tax Fillings | Malta Accounting, Tax Fillings and Auditing

Trading company

The Starter service is for businesses with less than 30 transactions per month.


Holding company

This package includes the services below


Singapore Accounting and Tax Fillings
Hong Kong Accounting and Tax Fillings

Trading company with a Holding Company

This package is made for trading companies with a holding company as the corporate shareholder.



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Whether looking for business administration outsourcing or expanding your business to new market with little knowledge and time to setup, you can put trust on us to make the process smooth and cost effective.

Our mission is to help startups and SMEs to free their resources tied up to intimidating company administration tasks, and thus speed up the process of setting up and running a business, unleash their potential power for growth and expansion.
Our services are specialized in company formation, banking assistance, accounting & auditing, legal administration and much more in over 30 countries across the globe.
Our proven IT strategy with usage of technology advancement along with long-term sustainable relationships in the industry allow us to deliver services at scale with minimum costs. Wherever you want to initialize your business, Pearlem can help to accelerate the process in a reliable and successful manner.

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