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Open a Mauritius Bank Account


Mauritius is a politically stable jurisdiction and one of the largest financial hubs in Africa.All in all, Mauritius is an attractive location for offshore companies to open bank accounts, especially if they are doing business in Asia, Europe, and Africa, as well as for nonresident individuals looking for a safe banking location with sophisticated wealth management services. so Open Offshore Company in Mauritius 2021
Datos claves de la cuenta bancaria
Currencies: MUR, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, SGD, ZAR
Minimum deposit to open Bank Account: USD 10,000
Good For: Transactional Banking, Trade Finance, Prepaid Cards, Corporate Credit Cards
Eligibility: Offshore companies, Resident companies, Nonresident companies
Visita personal: No es necesaria
Garantía de devolución del dinero si no se abre una cuenta bancaria
Le ayudaremos con hasta 3 bancos diferentes
Tasa de la cuenta bancaria personal: £350
Tasa de la cuenta bancaria de la empresa: £749

Documentos necesarios para abrir su cuenta bancaria

Documentación de la empresa
  • Certificado de incorporación
  • Estatutos de la empresa.
  • Certificados de acciones.
  • Certificado de titularidad, o certificado de vigencia si la empresa tiene más de 12 meses de antigüedad.
  • Estructura corporativa que identifica a los propietarios finales.
  • Licencia comercial (si es aplicable a algún sector como el de los servicios financieros).
  • Poder de representación (si procede).
  • Declaración de confianza (si procede).
Documentos personales de cada director, accionista, secretario designado, firmante autorizado y beneficiario final.
  • Prueba de identidad: copia de un pasaporte válido (el pasaporte debe tener la firma del titular y debe coincidir con la firma en el formulario de solicitud, se requiere una certificación, sin embargo podemos apoyarlo en esto).
  • Prueba de domicilio: original o copia certificada de una factura de servicios públicos o de un extracto bancario con fecha de los últimos 3 meses.
  • Prueba del historial bancario: original o copia notariada de la carta de referencia del banco, fechada en los últimos 3 meses, o extractos de 6 meses (según el banco elegido).

     *La certificación puede ser realizada por un banco, un abogado, un notario o un funcionario público, sin embargo podemos ayudarle en esto.

Pruebas comerciales (a petición del banco)
  • Facturas, contratos, acuerdos de su empresa actual.
  • Certificación de proveedores de servicios con sus prósperos socios/proveedores.
  • Cualquier documento que demuestre su cualificación en el ámbito empresarial.

Información general del país

Abrir cuenta bancaria
Mauritius’ banking sector is made up of sophisticated financial institutions that offer global banking services to a broad range of corporates and individuals. In addition to traditional banking facilities in a number of foreign currencies, they also offer card-based payment services, such as credit and debit cards, internet banking, and trade financing facilities. Furthermore, Mauritius is part of the IBAN numbering system, which may be convenient for individuals and companies transacting with European Banks.Banks in Mauritius also offer institutional banking and wealth management services such as fund administration, custodial services, trusteeship, structured lending, international portfolio management, investment banking, private client activities, treasury, and specialized finance.Mauritius corporate accounts are available for Mauritius Global Business License companies (GBL), as well as nonresident companies, including entities incorporated in offshore jurisdictions. Mauritius banks also understand wealth and succession planning structures and are used to work with structures using Trusts and Foundations.Account opening procedures for corporate accounts are some of the most straightforward worldwide, and the turnaround time is pretty quick compared to other international financial centers.For nonresident individuals, Mauritius also offers international banking facilities, from transactional banking and foreign currency exchange to brokerage accounts and wealth management services.
The first people to enter the island were the Portuguese in 1510 and they named it Cirné. The group of islands consisting of Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues were called Mascarenes after Pero Mascarenhas, the Portuguese captain before they left in 1598. Today, this group are still referred to as the Mascarene Islands. In 1598 the Dutch entered and named the island Mauritius, after Prince Maurice of Nassau. They introduced sugarcane and Java deer to the island which are unique to this island. Sugarcane has become the main agricultural product of Mauritius. They then left the island in 1710. In 1715 the French occupied the island and named it ‘Isle de France’. Port Louis harbour was built and this became the capital city. Port Louis was also used as a base for attacking in battle. Today this bustling city is the heart of the island and has many shops, bars, and restaurants for tourists to enjoy whilst on holiday. The French stayed on the island until 1810. In 1810 the British occupied the island after defeating the French in a battle at Cap Malheureux, taking control from the French through the ‘Traiti de Paris’, which was signed in 1814. Ile de France was then renamed ‘Mauritius’ and rapid economic and social changes were made. The British owned the island until Mauritius gained independence in 1968. Mauritius gained independence as a constitutional monarchy on 12th March 1968 when Seewoosagur Ramgoolan was prime minister. Mauritius changed their status to a Republic on 12th March 1992 when Sir Veerasamay Ringadoo was president. He was then succeeded by Cassam Uteem.
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