Welcome to your Dashboard

From your Account Dashboard you can view your Orders, access your applications through your Company Portal, buy extra services in relation to the company you have purchased. 

From your Company Portal you will be able to chat and share files with your assigned team of lawyer in the respective product jurisdiction.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Company Portal

The Company Portal acts as a centralized hub for customers to share and upload the requested information in a simple checklist manner. Additionally the customer portal allows you to chat with your assigned team of lawyers and receive files in a highly secured way. Our highly secured Company Portal is compliant to the GDPR: Data privacy control, bulk auto-deletion, Consent capture, T&Cs approval and more.

In order to access the Company Portal you will need a Reference number sent to you when your purchased was made. Log in the Portal with your user Email and the Reference Number for the specific Order. If you don’t remember your Reference Number go to the Top of the Company Portal page from there you can request your Reference Number which will be sent to your Account Personal Email.

Next Steps

When your services were purchased you received an email on your email account; this email contains a Reference Number:

Go to your Company Portal and Login using your email and your Reference Number, once you Login into the Company Portal you will see a Form you will have to fill, this form will include a KYC and will ask you for the specific information we need in order to proceed with your Company incorporation including the extra services purchased.

From your client Portal you will be able to chat with your assigned lawyer, share files and upload the required documentation.

Extra Corporate Services

You can add extra services for the companies you have purchased with us. You will find the list of extra services below this paragraph. If you need an specific company service or document please do not hesitate to contact us we will be more than happy to help.

Once you purchase the services, this automatically creates an application in your company portal where you will be assigned to one of our team Lawyers in the respective jurisdiction.

  • Go to Extra Corporate Services to add services with your company