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Our global network allows us to advise clients in a wide and growing geographic range. Pearlem can assist you with a taylor made solution to obtain the neccesary licenses and permits for your business.
We are familiar and experienced with various industries and have assisted numerous companies in applying for their required business licenses.

How we can help you:

License Research

Credibility Enhance

Regulations Compliance

Business Licensing compliance

Licenses we can assist you getting

Registration Of Fund Manager And Administrator For Mutual Fund

At Pearlem, we will help you to set up your fund.
Fund administrators is and individual or a company that acts as an intermediary between fund manager and investors. Their job is to distribute assets that are tied to the investment.

Crypto Licenses

In order to start cryptocurrency exchange venture, it is an requirement in some jurisdictions to acquire a proper license. Licenses may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Pearlem team will assist you to obtain such license.

Travel agency License

Depending on the jurisdiction, individuals or companies in the travel business are required to obtain a travel agency license. At Pearlem, we will assist you to get this license.

Collective Investment Scheme (Cis) & Fund License

Collective Investment Scheme is an investment scheme where a group of people gather funds in order to invest in a particular asset/assets. The profits are shared between the investing parties. Our Team will be happy to assist you in obtaining Cis & Fund License.

Foreign Investment Dealers

Investment Dealer acts as an intermediary in the execution of securities transactions for clients; trade in securities as principal with the intention of reselling these securities to the public; investment dealers give investment advice and manage portfolios of clients.

E-Money & Payment Institutions

E-Money business is a financial entity that provides services related to electronic money. To start E-Money business it is a requirement to have a proper license. Pearlem Team will assist you to obtain such license.

I-Gaming License

To start the i-Gaming it is a requirement to have a gaming license. The license is issued by the Gambling Committee of each jurisdiction to make sure that the business is legitimate and follows all rules and codes of practice.
At Pearlem, our team will help you to get I-Gaming license.

Forex trading License

In the Seychelles, Forex regulations require a forex broker licence. The license authorizes to deal in different currencies. At Pearlem, we will assist you to get Forex trading license.

Investment Bank License

Investment Bank license grants the right to engage in certain financial activities like investing. At Pearlem, we can assist you in obtaining license for investing activities.

And more licenses…

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