PEARLEM has established itself as the go-to source of financial services in relation to EMIs, Banks, Payment Service Providers and Crypto-asset businesses from all around the globe. Our company focuses in resolving the payment challenges of international merchants by bringing them together with world-class solutions.

World-class Payment Solutions

Based in London and working with over 1 Billion USD in transactions in 2021 alone. Our bast experience allows us to understand your business' needs and offer the most appropriate product to ease your daily operations and enhance your flow of funds and profitability.


Experts Behind Every Choice We Make For You


Digital Bank Account

Multi-currency B2B or C2B Bank Accounts, under your company’s name. Both SEPA and SWIFT transactions are supported, to allow transactions around the globe, while enabling efficient currency conversions, to ease your business payment operations.

Payment Processing

For merchants and PSPs: Checkout service integrated on your online business’ website to accept card payments from users buying your product/service. For FinTechs: White-labeled payment gateway to receive payments worldwide, using your official brand name. Payments by link/invoice: Customized emails/SMS to receive funds from international customers through a “Pay Now” button. One-click settlements: A fast way where payments are completed with one click, after the initial successful operation.


Card Issuing

You’ll no longer have to worry about managing your pensions or IRAs anymore because we’ll take care of it.

Crypto Transaction Processing

You’ll get expert and specialist data and evaluation to help you build strong mutual trust plans.

  • Crypto to FIAT Settlements: User pays for your product/service in cryptocurrency – merchant is settled in FIAT.
  • FIAT to Crypto Exchange: User uses FIAT to buy desired cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto – FIAT Trading: Suitable for companies and individuals purchasing and selling large amounts of cryptos.


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