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Open a Bahamas Bank Account


The Bahamas offers a world-class banking sector that offers a range of different financial services for companies.The Caribbean nation is a popular choice for companies and individuals looking to establish offshore bank accounts, due to its demonstrated stability, resilience in the face of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, desirable tax regime and relative privacy.
Datos claves de la cuenta bancaria
Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF
Minimum deposit to open Bank Account: USD 1,000,000
Good For: Corporate Wealth Managment, Fund Managers, Crypto Business
Requisitos: empresas offshore
Visita personal: No es necesaria
Garantía de devolución del dinero si no se abre una cuenta bancaria
Le ayudaremos con hasta 3 bancos diferentes
Tasa de la cuenta bancaria personal: £300
Tasa de la cuenta bancaria de la empresa: £899

Documentos necesarios para abrir su cuenta bancaria

Documentación de la empresa
  • Certificado de incorporación
  • Estatutos de la empresa.
  • Certificados de acciones.
  • Certificado de titularidad, o certificado de vigencia si la empresa tiene más de 12 meses de antigüedad.
  • Estructura corporativa que identifica a los propietarios finales.
  • Licencia comercial (si es aplicable a algún sector como el de los servicios financieros).
  • Poder de representación (si procede).
  • Declaración de confianza (si procede).
Documentos personales de cada director, accionista, secretario designado, firmante autorizado y beneficiario final.
  • Prueba de identidad: copia de un pasaporte válido (el pasaporte debe tener la firma del titular y debe coincidir con la firma en el formulario de solicitud, se requiere una certificación, sin embargo podemos apoyarlo en esto).
  • Prueba de domicilio: original o copia certificada de una factura de servicios públicos o de un extracto bancario con fecha de los últimos 3 meses.
  • Prueba del historial bancario: original o copia notariada de la carta de referencia del banco, fechada en los últimos 3 meses, o extractos de 6 meses (según el banco elegido).

     *La certificación puede ser realizada por un banco, un abogado, un notario o un funcionario público, sin embargo podemos ayudarle en esto.

Pruebas comerciales (a petición del banco)
  • Facturas, contratos, acuerdos de su empresa actual.
  • Certificación de proveedores de servicios con sus prósperos socios/proveedores.
  • Cualquier documento que demuestre su cualificación en el ámbito empresarial.

Información general del país

Abrir cuenta bancaria
The Bahamas is member of the Caribbean Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. There are 250 banks that operate within the country both regional and international banksThe Bahamas has moved more in compliance with international standards the last few years due to pressure from the USA and the OECDThe Finance sector occupies a large part of the countries economy, with up to 1/3 of the GDP dependent upon financial services.Offshore banks are regulated by the Bahamanain Central bank. Although there are still struct private laws that does not make it possible to not report income or assets held in the countryIn 2018 Bahamas passed new banking laws that helped to curb illicit finance
The Bahamas, once a British Crown colony, is now an independent nation and a constitutional parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth. In 1964 the British Parliament authorized internal self-government in the islands. Nine years later the country achieved full independence. The Bahamas, officially referred to as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and east of Florida. The majority of the islands in the Bahamas are 100 to 150 miles off the Florida coast; though the closest island lies just forty-five miles away.The Bahamas is one of the wealthiest Caribbean countries and it terms of per capita GNP it is just behind the United States and Canada. In 2013 the GDP was US$11.4 billion, while the per capita GDP was estimated at US$32,000. The Bahamian dollar is kept on a par with the United States dollar by the government and has been for several decades. The US dollar is a widely accepted currency in The Bahamas.The economy of the country is largely based on tourism and tourist-driven housing and construction (60%) and offshore banking (36%). In the past, offshore banking was an even greater contributor to the economy, but since 2001 more stringent financial regulations drove many businesses away, many of whom sought out Bahamian offshore accounts for the purpose of tax evasion rather than to tax avoidance. Today, the Bahamas is one of the premier jurisdictions for the formation of offshore corporations as its regulations, though much stricter, are nevertheless generous as the government is still cooperative and has actively sought to encourage offshore investors.
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