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Open a Singapore Bank Account


Singapore has been independent since 1965. It is one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world. Also called, “The Switzerland of Asia” because of its high quality of life, Singapore has experienced exceptional growth thanks to its particularly advantageous maritime position, which has allowed it to become a real financial and trade hub between the Pacific and Europe.The economy of Singapore is primarily based on banking and financial services, the electronics industry, the Creative Technology, and the maritime sector; its port is ranked in the premier class in the world in terms of exports and oil.In spite of past socio-economic challenges, Singapore’s political system has been remarkably stable since independence. It is a republic with a parliamentary regime, and the city-state practices economic liberalism.Currency: Singapore dollar.
Datos claves de la cuenta bancaria
Minimum deposit to open Bank Account: SGD 10,000
Good For: Transactional Banking, Credit Card Processing, trade Finance, Multicurrency Accounts, CNY/CNH Accounts, Crypto Business, Brokerage Accounts
Eligibility: Offshore companies, Resident companies, Non resident companies
Visita personal: Obligatoria
Garantía de devolución del dinero si no se abre una cuenta bancaria
Le ayudaremos con hasta 3 bancos diferentes
Tasa de la cuenta bancaria personal: £300
Tasa de la cuenta bancaria de la empresa: £599

Documentos necesarios para abrir su cuenta bancaria

Documentación de la empresa
  • Certificado de incorporación
  • Estatutos de la empresa.
  • Certificados de acciones.
  • Certificado de titularidad, o certificado de vigencia si la empresa tiene más de 12 meses de antigüedad.
  • Estructura corporativa que identifica a los propietarios finales.
  • Licencia comercial (si es aplicable a algún sector como el de los servicios financieros).
  • Poder de representación (si procede).
  • Declaración de confianza (si procede).
Documentos personales de cada director, accionista, secretario designado, firmante autorizado y beneficiario final.
  • Prueba de identidad: copia de un pasaporte válido (el pasaporte debe tener la firma del titular y debe coincidir con la firma en el formulario de solicitud, se requiere una certificación, sin embargo podemos apoyarlo en esto).
  • Prueba de domicilio: original o copia certificada de una factura de servicios públicos o de un extracto bancario con fecha de los últimos 3 meses.
  • Prueba del historial bancario: original o copia notariada de la carta de referencia del banco, fechada en los últimos 3 meses, o extractos de 6 meses (según el banco elegido).

     *La certificación puede ser realizada por un banco, un abogado, un notario o un funcionario público, sin embargo podemos ayudarle en esto.

Pruebas comerciales (a petición del banco)
  • Facturas, contratos, acuerdos de su empresa actual.
  • Certificación de proveedores de servicios con sus prósperos socios/proveedores.
  • Cualquier documento que demuestre su cualificación en el ámbito empresarial.

Información general del país

Abrir cuenta bancaria
Singapore is a main financial jurisdiction, which offers confidentiality and a secured banking system. The attractive regulations, along with its strategic location, make Singapore a proper banking hub. More than 200 banks operate in Singapore. SFM maintains business ties to top tier banks in the region and can offer its clients support in setting up their corporate offshore bank account in Singapore.
On 3 June 1959, the 1.6 million people in Singapore awoke to a new beginning – as people of a fully internal self-governing city state under the British Crown. The majority of the population were immigrants from many lands and had no deep-rooted ties to Singapore. The new government thus needed to encourage them to establish roots in Singapore, and to foster a sense of pride, loyalty and national identity.Following independence in 1965, the PAP Government inherited the full panoply of laws, institutions, structures and processes in place for governance established by the British Colonial Administration which had ruled Singapore for well over 140 years, with a brief interregnum only under the command of the Japanese Imperial Army in the 1940s. One area of importance was the management of the media environment.In the 60s and 70s, a “Clean and Green Singapore” was meant to distinguish the city state from other Third World countries. A Clean and Green Singapore would enhance the quality of life, attract tourists and encourage and sustain foreign investments.Today’s Singapore is a nation carved from the ideals and motivation of the first generation of migrants who chose to make this island their home. Every August, many hang the Singapore flag outside their homes and display unabashed enthusiam and passion during the National Day celebrations. These, along with the pink Singapore identity card and red passport which citizens proudly carry, bear testimony to the success of the nation building efforts.
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